$25 REFERRAL PROGRAM- easy money maker!!!

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 ***Making money has never been so easy!!*** 

If you haven't joined Rakuten yet you are missing out on money back in your pocket just by shopping online....which we know you must do since your here...
Only now you can tell your husbands your spending money to make money
    wink wink     

Join, Shop, Earn, Refer- - - cha-ching $$$ It really is that simple

Let me walk you through it to show you just how simple it is. So what is EBATES/RAKUTEN? Ebates offers shoppers like you one destination to find the best deals and coupons from about 2000 stores. Since these 2000 stores pay them a commission for sending you their way they want to share it with you. After you join Ebates gives you the tools to savings and writes you a check....Again just for shopping online. So What are you waiting for?

 1. ***JOIN** with our referral code Ebates/Rakuten will give you a referral code once you sign up to start earning more so please use ours to help us earn too! Each referral gets you $25 bucks in your pocket and I think there is actually a $10 bonus too just for joining. 


2. ***SIGN UP***  use your email or make it easy and use your facebook or google login.



3. ***ADD CHROME EXTENSTION BUTTON***   https://www.ebates.com/button.htm Optional but recommended so automatic discounts pop up. Please know that not all of the stores that are on ebates participate in the "chrome extension" button program that automatically asks you to apply savings. For example, Amazon doesn't participate so you will still want to manually click through from you Ebates home page before placing your order. (go into your ebates account, search amazon, click it then shop on amazon)



4. ***SHOP & EARN*** Once you add the extension button you will see the extension in the top right corner as shown below. Check out all of the stores you can shop from. Once you find where you want to shop click on their store and go.  Lets try one out- go to TARGET  and you will see how Ebates works in action at target. 

5. . Confused? No it really is that easy. I told you this is no joke. if you haven't already tried it lets again go to one of my favorites- TARGET of course once Targets site pops up in the top right corner the "chrome extension" will automatically pop up for you to activate your discount. (shown here) it looks like its only 1% today but the discounts change constantly so feel free to type in another store to your browser to see how it works. Try Kohls, Walmart, Dicks Sporting, etc etc. whatever store it is, if its on ebates in the top right corner your ebates discount will activate. If the activation button doesn't pop up you can manually click on the little "E" and click to activate. From there you can shop and your discounts will automatically transfer over and build on up ebates to pay you out for simply shopping online. If you don't have chrome/chrome extension don't worry. Just go to ebates directly and pick your store from there. Now what about that $25???  

6. ***REFER REFER REFER*** Now that you have everything activated to earn when you shop for yourself make sure you refer some friends so you can earn your extra $$$ 25 BUCKS $$$ ...Sign into your account and click on the refer a friend. Type in their email address and let the money come in. Remember its unlimited so add as many as you want. I just signed up so lets get referring. Good Luck & Thanks for visiting HereComesABaby.com

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