Native - Natural Deodorant

About a month ago I received a free mini sample of deodorant from Native Cosmetics in my monthly sample box from PINCHMEOff the bat I was excited to try a new deodorant because that is the one and only item you can catch me wearing everyday. Ill go out without makeup on or my hair not done but Deodorant... No way am I not putting that on! Now they even have body wash too!
To start off with this Deodorant has the most amazing smell, just like my favorite candles...Coconut/Vanilla. After trying it out for a few days I really liked it but noticed I've never seen this at the stores. So I popped online to check things out and was pleasantly surprised. Not only is this company literally right in my backyard, in San Francisco which is 45 minutes away, but it is completely natural, made with No aluminum, No parabens, No sulfates in any of their products. Also they never test on animals which is always a plus! 
Go check out their site. They carry more than just deodorant and carry both Men & Women's Products
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