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HereComesABaby has teamed up with another company that offers every new mom & dad a variety of products that not carry your baby but make your life easier by using them. They have thought of every round about way to make things safe, ergonomic & comfortable for not only your baby but for you as well.  
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ErgoBaby goes Ergonomic 
Ergobaby Original Baby Carriers, Adapt Baby Carriers, Four Position 360 Baby Carriers, Organic Baby Carriers, Performance Baby Carriers and Swaddlers have been acknowledged as "hip healthy" products by the international Hip Dysplasia Institute. Our baby carriers are comfortable, ergonomic, and safe for baby's hips
"Modern motherhood comes with an abundance of joy…and information! For one thing, we have access to seemingly unlimited resources and knowledge on how to mother “best.” It seems that everyone has an opinion on how best to raise children. We are overwhelmed with choices on which bed to choose, which high chair, which feeding method, which birth method. With answers close at hand online, it doesn’t take much time to question your intuition. Don’t forget that your mommy intuition is almost a sixth sense! Mothers have relied on their intuition for millennia to protect and nourish their babies. We can still tap into that resource. Many times, having good information and tools can help us tap into that mother’s intuition more readily. I’m here to remind you not to discount your own motherly wisdom. I know personally how easy it is to second-guess my own decisions when it comes to parenting and motherhood"-